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An IT Innovator: BlueWave Computing

June 9, 2011

   With a highly selective recruiting process, BlueWave Computing, one of the premier all-encompassing IT companies, has top-notch engineers with respectable degrees from high-ranking institutions such as Georgia Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon. Aside from coming from impressive institutions, BlueWave engineers must also pass rigorous certification exams with Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Symantec. By dividing engineers into small teams, they are better able to familiarize themselves with the specific needs of their clients. This commitment to personalized service is what has helped BlueWave stand out from competition and continue to grow in a slow economy. To counteract a decline in revenue, BlueWave found ways to bring down cost for clients by creating new programs. Offering these new and less expensive programs to existing clients allowed BlueWave to successfully increase their business in spite of clients’ smaller IT spending budgets. Today, the company offers a long list of services including, 24/7 monitoring, IT planning, remote help desk and on-site support and many more helpful services. 

Business Snapshot
Owner: Dr. Steven Vicinanza
Industry: IT Support 
Company Description: Serves small- to mid-sized local firms with strategic IT planning, 24/7 monitoring, remote help desk, on-site support, online back-up and disaster recovery, security management, hosting, application design and development, database administration, web design, online electronic marketing, and advanced voiceover IP phone systems.
Number of Employees: 84 full- and 9 part-time
Percentage of growth from 2010: 46%
Location: Smyrna
Contact Info:

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