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Aventis Systems is Hard Wired for Success

June 8, 2011

   As one of the few online retailers nominated, Aventis Systems has perfected the art of transforming older or used hardware into a piece of virtually new equipment. They began as an eBay store in 2008 and have since expanded to become one of the leading companies in the refurbished computer hardware industry.  Aventis Systems describes their success as “a careful balancing act of maintaining the right amount of products and staff to meet the needs of customers,” which has been evident in their steady growth.  Aside from being able to supply Dell, HP and Cisco products, Aventis Systems offers a three-year warranty to customers. This warranty is backed by an in-house certified technical support team that’s available seven days a week to assist with any orders or questions.  This dedication to the customer ensures that placed orders are built and shipped within two to three business days.  Although success is not always measured through monetary gains, Aventis has displayed qualities of success while eventually earning nearly $10 million in revenue after only two short years of operation.

Business Snapshot
Owner: Hesam Lamei
Industry: Computer Hardware Retail
Company Description: Refurbish computer hardware, specializing in Dell, HP and Cisco equipment. Also offer a full suite of business class workstations, desktops, laptops and hardware components necessary for upgrades.
Number of Employees: 16 full- and 9 part-time
Percentage of growth from 2010: 55.9%
Location: Marietta
Contact Info:

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