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Help Put 5,000 Georgians to Work with Federal Stimulus Dollars

April 5, 2010

The Georgia Department of Human Services has a subsidized employment program that uses Federal Stimulus dollars to help companies hire additional employees. 

Program Benefits:

  • 80% wage subsidy (for example, a worker earning $15 an hour, employers out of pocket is $3)
  • Employers will be eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit as well as the Welfare -to- Work Credit
  • Pre screening and Background checks
  • Job Coaching is provided
  • Paperwork is minimal
  • Employers can build their businesses by hiring Georgia workers

Eligibility Requirements for Employment:

  • Adults who have dependent children and an annual income at or below 300 percent of federal level
  • Adults currently receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Program Requirements:

  • Federal subsidies are available through September 2010
  • Employers cannot replace existing employees to take advantage of the subsidy
  • Positions must provide at least 30 hours of employment per week
  • All positions must pay minimum wage or above
  • The maximum subsidy for a six month period per employee is $26,000

Help Get Georgia’s Economy Moving Again:

  • Employers can help by hiring Georgia workers and to build their businesses
  • State and local officials can help by identifying employers and workers
  • We can all help by ensuring that federal tax dollars paid by Georgia citizens re-ignite Georgia’s economy.

For more information contact Nattlie Ringer at Ringer Employment Solutions at 678-539-6010 or

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