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How to Lead, Serve, and Succeed in a Recession

October 9, 2009

This article is provided by Doug Trenary of Doug Trenary’s Fast-Track

Never in our 25 years of conducting business have we had as many inquiries as in this year regarding basically this question:  What are we (our business) going to do to keep going (since we’re in a recession)?

I am personally an eternal optimist and opportunity-seeker.  That will never change.  I hope you are too.  This is the greatest country in the history of the world.  So, even if we are not technically in a recession, you as a leader, seller, and citizen need to steel up right now and press forward to the best of your ability.  Fear is all around, and people seem to have more questions than answers. Fear is here, but so is opportunity!  Don’t waste a minute!

There is and always has been money made in recessions!  People, will get up, fill their tanks, go to work and school, buy food, pay utilities, travel and think—and conduct a core of their daily patterns—what they have to do.  Yes, the frills will be cut, but never underestimate the drive of a lot of people who will self start, get in the game, and make results happen.  That’s what the American miracle is.

 What Can You Do Now?
This is a time for the best that you can bring—every day. The mentally strong will win, and the weak will suffer.  This is reality.  I encourage you and your employee teams right now, whoever you are and whatever you do, get out a piece of paper and start writing some action-oriented ideas on what you will do right now regarding:

  • FEAR:  The antidote to fear is faith backed by potent, persistent action.  You must not only deal with your own fears, but as a seller, you have to get fear on your side when working with buyers (your current customers as well as your prospects).  You must partner closely with your clients and acknowledge they are afraid too.  You must be able to explain to your buyers with clarity:  “Here is exactly how we can help you deal with the fears with your employees—and with your customers.  Here is exactly how we will service you to help you make more money, capture new business, give maximum value to your clients, be more efficient, and cut down your headaches.  Our being on board now will make the money you extend to us one of the best investments you can make.”
  • HEALTH:  You must individually eat better, possibly eat less and more lean foods, get some cardiovascular exercise, do some sweating, and do some mild muscle stimulation.  Your personal health is not only absolutely key for your family’s benefit, but a necessary source of positive energy to be able to focus and work above and beyond the call of duty for your customers.
  • VALUE:  Sit down right now, brainstorm, and write down every component of conceivable value that you can bring to paying customers.  Every one.  Identify every possible way your product will help them and every angle on how your service will benefit them.  Do not think of yourself or your own agenda for one second.  Right now it is all about the customer, period.  You only gain if they do.
  • SERVICE:  I see this every day as a success coach:  The inability to line up what sales promises versus what the “back-end” of the business—production, customer service, marketing, administrative, delivery, etc. actually does to fulfill those sales promises.  You must EXCEED every promise made to customers, never promise what you can’t do, and generate a message within your company that you/we cannot afford to make one—yes, not one—customer mistake.  Let your competition make mistakes.  The customer is going to choose, pay, and stay with the seller who does make mistakes and give them problems.

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